terrace gardenIf you have a patio or a terrace, it can seem quite cold and uninviting at times and this is why many people break up the hard lines by introducing plants into the space. There are some plants that compliment a patio or terrace because of their suitability for use in patio pots or hanging baskets. By using just some of these pretty and aromatic plants, any terrace area can have some life injected into it.

How to Decide on Patio Planting

There are some basic steps to creating the feel of a garden on a hard surface like a terrace or patio. Colour, smell and the amount of foliage all need to be considered before planting begins. There is also the frequency that you want to water your plants and how often you want to maintain their leaves or even sweep them up. A nice smelling garden will always be a pleasant place to sit on a sunny afternoon, so plants like Lavender and Bay Laurel which are easy to grow and add colour, but they are also low maintenance plants. Summer gardens are lovely, but don’t forget to include plants that will also look good in winter time. There is nothing worse than having a patio full of plants that look as though they have died. This will give a terrace area an unkempt appearance that is not easy on the eye. A good idea is to choose a colour scheme rather than plant anything that will grow in a pot or basket. This can be an excellent way of adding style to any outdoor area. Yucca flowers are a lovely white and they can be mixed well with purple lavender. The Yucca will also flower slightly later than lavender so there is colour in the garden for longer.

Arranging Your Terrace Garden

arrange terrace gardenA lot of thought should go in to the layout of your garden. People often make a mistake by placing hanging baskets wither side of a doorway with lots of flowers draped over the sides. This can become annoying when you need to swerve the plants every time you pass through a door. They can also attract bees and other flying insects which will make their way indoors. Using plant pots either side of your doorway is a better option and you can reserve hanging baskets for more suitable areas. Planting in areas that please the eye, but allow you to retain the functionality of your space is always the best route to take.
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