garden tipsGetting to grips with gardening is easier than many people believe. A lot of first time gardeners can over complicated the process of growing. The thing to remember is that plants grow in the wild without any help at all, all gardeners need to do is to encourage the right plants to grow. The best gardening tips are free and even the most basic gardening tips can make a big difference to the success of a garden.

Composting – Basic Gardening Tips that Make a Difference

The most important thing any gardener will learn is how to save money by making use of what they have. The cheapest compost is the compost you make and it can be the most effective too. You can throw almost anything on a compost heap, but avoid cooked food because this will bring rats to your garden. Vegetable peelings are great when mixed with grass cuttings and general organic waste. Add some manure if you can, because the bacteria it carries will encourage the composting process. Choose Vegetables that are Easy to Growvegetable seeds One of the most basic gardening tips anyone can be given is to grow something simple. Success will give you encouragement to continue growing because there is a tremendous sense of achievement when you eat your own vegetables.

Spinach – the beginner gardener’s friend

Start with Spinach which can be grown all through the year. Spinach can also be grown in a remarkably small space or even a container. Although Spinach does like the sun, this versatile vegetable can be grown in an area that is partially shaded.

Tomatoes – Every gardener’s favourite summer crop

Tomatoes are another great food source that can be grown in a small area. Tomatoes are so popular that there are a million and one gardening tips on how to grow them, but all you really need to know about tomatoes is when to plant them. They should be planted in very small pots at the end of February and when the seedlings a about an inch to two inches tall transferred to larger pots. Plant the seedlings deep in the soil and keep the soil moist and your tomatoes will grow well in a green house or outdoors. Gardening tips to improve the yield of your plants can be picked up along the way, but follow those simple instructions and you will be eating your own produce in no time.

Carrots – A great winter food

Carrots are a great food source because they can be kept preserved by leaving them planted throughout the winter and only picking them when you are ready to use them. They can be grown all year around which and they are easy to grow in stone free soil. Just plant them a width of your hand apart and you will have lots of success.
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