Gardens are different in each country but sometimes it seems like they don’t really belong on planet earth. We search for you the most incredible gardens around the world for this Top 3.

Gardens by the bay in Singapore

aerial shot oh the supertrees

Gardens by the Bay is a incredible place that you should not miss if you take a trip to Singapore. Next to the sea are towering a dozen of supertrees, they are the main attraction of this garden. They are home to a large varieties of plants, orchids et moss, that you can observe while you walk the long walkway which join every supertree.

But the supertrees are not the only thing to see at Gardens by the Bay. You can also discover the Children’s garden, the horticultural gardens, the Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome and the Conservatories.

Eden Project in UK

greenhouses of eden rpject

If you visit Cornwall in England, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind garden, wrapped in giants bubbles. The architecture of this garden is similar to some school canopies or even the process of tennis court constructionwhich use textile architecture and ETFE as main material.

The sight of it, from the outside is already stunning, but don’t stop there, this garden has more to offer. It counts 3 different places to visit : the Mediterranean Biome, the Tropical Biome and outside, the Outdoor Gardens.

You may have already seen Eden Project in Die Another Day from the James Bond Saga.

The underwater gardens below the sea

plants under water

Our last garden can not be reach without putting on your bathing suit. In northern Italy, below the sea level, you can find the first underwater farm of the world. Built by Italian divers and scientists, this garden is a bubble-shaped greenhouse attached to the bottom of the sea. With a clean air and sun rays filtered by the sea some fruits and vegetables are growing here !

In their farm under the sea, this Italian team harvest tomatoes, basil and strawberries. Nowadays, we count more than 6 greenhouses in this part of Italy which host more than 700 plants.

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